The “Great American Road Trip” is a dream shared by many, myself included. So I got to thinking about what I would like to do if I were to visit every state in the U.S. There are obviously too many great things in this country for one person to photograph everything in-depth during one lifetime so I came up with the idea for this blog post. This would still be quite an undertaking but probably attainable for most people with careful planning and resources.

The United States of America are huge and amazing in so many ways. There is so much to discover like all these different and beautiful types of landscapes. Furthermore there are so many stunning cities, which are all completely different and offer many tourist attractions.

The CTA train station Adams/Wabash at the Loop offers a great and unique view to the beautiful Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. The best time for photography is probably the blue hour, because you get this amazing contrast between the blue sky and the orange/yellow colored buildings.
This spot is also pretty often used for time lapse photography, as there are many trains passing by.

La Jolla Cove. This is a great spot to shoot the sunset. also if you are interested in birds & other wildlife there is a great spot very near to it where one can shoot birds in flight in the morning light.

Brooklyn Bridge skyline, New York. Probably the most famous and standard spot for all photographers who are coming to New York is this one with an amazing view over the East River towards the skyline of Manhattan with Brooklyn Bridge coming from the left. It’s a great place to meet other photographers and the stone steps are serving perfect as a seat for a relaxed photography session.

Canyon Overlook, Zion National Park. Access to the Overlook observation point is gained by the Canyon Overlook Trail which is approx 1 mile in length. Trailhead is just east of the Mount Carmel Highway Tunnel.

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