City Break? Learn to pack

Weekend adventures are my favourite way to break up routine and to insert a huge dose of freedom. It only takes a couple of days away from what you know to reset your mind and refuel your soul. After all, we don’t always have the money or the holiday left to go further afield so weekend adventures are how one must roll sometimes.

Check The Weather. It’s an obvious one, but one I’ve failed at too many times that now I start checking the weather a bloomin’ month before we go. New York served us up a curveball this time, but I always think there’s nothing wrong with packing both an umbrella and sunglasses and going in heavy with the layering pieces. This time round I completely failed and ended up buying a scarf whilst we were out there – dammit NYC! – so all future trips to places that have the tendency to be a little chilly at times will definitely have one of these. It’s a massive one so it came in really handy on the flight home too.

Comfy Shoes + Roomy Bag = All You Need. I often pack multiple pairs of shoes and multiple pairs of bags and then just end up wearing the same pair and same bag for the duration of my trip. As long as your shoes are comfy, and you’ve got a slightly fancier pair for the evenings, then you can toss the rest of your shoe choices back in the cupboard. When it comes to bags, something that’s cross-body (good security kids!), light, goes with all your outfits and is able to pack in all your essentials like your phone, purse and camera, is all you need.

A Couple Of Things I Do. When I make it to my destination I never properly unpack. I know – hear me out on this one. I do unpack my toiletries, anything that needs hanging and my shoes and bag choice for the trip – just so they’re out and ready to go. But I don’t unpack the rest and instead just zip open my suitcase each morning to get ready. It makes re-packing at the end of the trip a breeze, plus I’m less likely to leave anything in the hotel room (remember to check under the bed and the wardrobes before you go!).

Pack Some Totes. You know I love a good tote. They’re kind of my collecting weakness, much like vases because I am my mother’s daughter. Totes on holiday come in so darn handy though, not only do I use them for packing dirty clothing and shoes in my suitcase, they’re great if you decide to pick up some groceries whilst you’re away or if you need to take out a couple more things with you one day that won’t fit into your bag. They double up as a beach bag or a gym bag too. Basically throw some in and I bet you you’ll end up using them in some shape or form.

Things You Don’t Need To Bring. There are a couple of items that I always end up bringing and never end up using, especially on a city break where time is slightly more lacking than that on a more relaxing jaunt. You never really need a hairdryer – hotel ones and even ones in airbnb’s often suffice. The same goes for hair styling tools – I can never be arsed to use them once I’m away. I always bring an iPad and never end up using it. Then for some reason there’s always one pair of shoes that aren’t really that comfortable and so never make the cut – save the space and leave them at home. If they aren’t like wearing slippers, you’ll never wear them on a city-break.

Leave Some Space. The classic. City breaks are notoriously good for shopping and so it’s always wise to leave a little spare space in your case on departure. Even if you don’t shop whilst you’re away it’s a good idea anyway as your posessions will secretly grow behind your back when you’re not looking and re-packing everything into your suitcase on the way back will be disproportionately harder than it needs to be. FACT.

What do you think?