Best surf spots in the USA

Surfing is one of those sports that favors those with a curious, transient mind. Mostly because of its ever-changing, unpredictable arena, surfing is naturally characterized as a weather and wave-dependent pastime.

Each session is different and no two waves are exactly the same. For surfers, myself included, the search for the perfect wave is never-ending, with the prospect of finding that perfect spot looming just out of arms reach.

Northeast. This region isn’t just for cold water lobster tails and blizzards. Perhaps the most underrated surf region in the U.S, the Northeast boasts some of the best-hidden gems in the country, some of which lighting up only once a decade when the perfect long period hurricane swell graces the region’s rocky shoreline and underwater reef setups. Surfing in the region is a bit of an underground scene in these parts so be sure to show some respect up here as well.

NARRAGANSETT. Look to Narragansett for the classic example of a New England beach community. It’s another great option for long boarders interested in taking an afternoon cruise on the beaches softer, more user-friendly wave shape. Like much of the region, summer is the slowest but the busiest season, making travel elsewhere a bit more appetizing. More advanced surfers will find solace just up the coast in Newport, where fickle reef breaks tend to come alive in the fall/winter months.

ROCKAWAY BEACH.The Ramones hitched a ride to Rockaway Beach in the ’70s and since then the place has been a go-to day trip destination for the urban surfing culture of New York. Accessible by subway, Rockaway is basecamp for the Western Long Island surf and beach scene. Waves are generally consistent and the shape is generally good thanks to the beach’s multiple breakwater/jetty setups installed to help mitigate erosion. Catch it on a late summer tropical southeast swell and you’ll certainly forget that you’re within arms reach of New York City.

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