BEACH OR MOUNTAIN? What you choose?

A few months ago, we all started to think about our holidays: What? Where? How? How many days? Who to go with? Why? There are many factors affecting the what, the how many days and the how we’ll spend our holidays, but undoubtedly the most important decision is who to go with and where to go.

Once you’ve decided who to go with (going alone is also an option), it’s time to reduce the number of possible destinations as much as possible, which leaves the beach or the mountains. There are arguments in favour of each one, as both are ideal destinations to enjoy our holidays.

Another option would be to combine them, since variety is the spice of life! This is the option I personally prefer; those destinations which combine beach and mountains; places where you can enjoy looking out to sea with the mountains behind you, the countryside, everything green…


In Spain, we’re lucky enough to have plenty of different beaches for all tastes: in cooler or warmer places, with cooler or warmer water, calm or choppy, family-focused or sporty, and this is the first ‘pro’.

● Large variety of beaches.
● Better climate.
● You can sunbathe and get plenty of vitamin D.
● You can play in the waves.
● The range of leisure activities on offer is incredible and it’s as lively during the day as it is at night.
● The health benefits of the sea.

● If you want to travel with your canine friend, it will be tricky to find a beach where dogs are allowed.
● The vast majority of beaches are incredibly crowded.
● If you can’t stand constant sun, it’s not the destination for you unless your best friend is a parasol.


● You can disconnect and relax
● You can be totally connected to nature.
● Enjoy the morning mist, the dew on the trees and plenty of fresh air.
● Walk barefoot on the grass and swim in the river.

● If you like to go out at night and love the atmosphere of the promenade, you’ll end up bored out of your mind in such a tranquil place.
● A more limited range of options due to the lack of infrastructure to make these destinations comfortable for tourists.

What do you think?